Creating that Curb Appeal with a Front Door Make-over

My front door needed a make-over in a bad way!

I have lived at my home for 14 years and my front door was not high on my ever-elongating to-do list. Finally, I decided to tackle it and I love the results.


My front door is solid wood, not plywood glued and stapled together, but 100% one piece of solid wood. It’s a little heavy, which is one reason I decided not to unhinge it to do all of this work. First, I started by removing the diamond-shaped frames from the outside and applying a paintable wood putty to the nail holes and any other dings and dents. Then I sanded the door. I had to do a lot of sanding! I started with 40 grit sandpaper and a handheld sander. Afterward, I moved to an 80 grit, then a 120 grit using a clean paint brush in between sanding in order to remove the wood dust.

After that was done (whew!) I used a damp sponge to help remove any remaining dust, then I let it dry.

Taped off deadbolt and door knob. Filled and spackled hole from previous door knob.

I also had a 1-1/8″ hole in my door from an old door knob that had busted. In order to fill the hole that went all the way through my door, I had to cut a wood dowel rod down, glue it into the hole, and spackle and sand it smooth.

After the door was dry and dust-free, I taped off the dead bolt lock, the door knob, and the edge between the door and the door frame.

Properly repainting a door would mean removing the door from the hinges and removing all of the hardware.

I taped over the hinges and the door  frame making sure not to be sloppy while painting.

Since I was doing this alone, I was not about to do all that extra work. I was very diligent in placing the tape and while painting.


I used three coats of an exterior paint so that the door will hold up to the weather better, letting the coats dry before applying another.

I spaced this project out over two days. Applying the spackle/putty and sanding was done on the first day. All of the taping and painting was done on the second day. All together, this project took about 9 hours. The sanding was the most labor-intensive and time consuming part.

After finishing all of the painting and doing any additional touch-ups, my door was finished! 20170625_164646

My husband and I added a new screen door as well. It looks so much better. 20170701_182230

Now all I have to do is the concrete steps leading to our front door, a new light fixture, new address numbers, etc., etc. and the curb appeal will be all set! Ah, dreams…….

Let me know if you’ve done a project like this recently or if you’ve been inspired by mine! Thanks for reading. ~ April



2 thoughts on “Creating that Curb Appeal with a Front Door Make-over

  1. I would suggest painting the screen door white if it is a wooden frame. This will preserve the wood and keep the door from warping as a result of harsh weather.

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