The Importance of Pollinators


Insects are an inevitable part of being outdoors and they can be a real nuisance while you’re trying to garden. I use bug spray when I’m out and about tending to my vegetables or flowers to avoid being bitten, but I never spray anything on my garden beds to eliminate insects. Why? Because they’re so very important! Here’s why.

We humans can’t survive without pollinators. Our grains, vegetables, and flowers won’t bloom without them. If there are no pollinators; there is no food. Well, there’s meat, right? Well, without grasses, vegetables, and grains, what would our meat eat? Nothing! They can’t live without them either.

Why is it important to know that the world can’t survive without pollinators? Because we’re currently killing them to grow food. Seems counter-productive, doesn’t it? It is. So, how did it come to pass that big ag farmers are using poisons that kill beneficial pollinators that ultimately help food to grow? It’s a long and terrible journey that is wrapped in greed from huge agricultural business, but don’t blame the farmers. Blame us, the consumers.

What can we do to get farmers to use more organic methods instead of pesticides? Money talks, people listen. We have a voice with our money. Buy organically grown produce when you can afford it. Buy non-GMO products. Buy from local farmer’s markets from those who grow organically. Get active with social media groups to stay informed. No one person can save the world, but every little thing a person does contributes to solving the bigger problem.

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